Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small BusinessI’m from Minnesota and grew up under a Chef, my Mother Charlotte (Chucky). She was a Garde Manger [gard-mahn-zhey] Chef. I’m also a 100 percent Disabled Veteran from the U.S. Navy.

I learned how to prepare many dishes from salads to true BBQ from scratch, using mixology of managing good control of flavor. I’ve been cooking meals since I was 9 and half years old and absolutely love the baking part of meals. To this day, I still practice cooking out of the box, meaning yes, I burn things, and yes, I’ve got a few more things coming to market, maybe one day.

I’ve been cooking this sauce for over 30 years. I’ve never won any awards for this sauce, but so many of you have truly encouraged me to produce this, and for that, I truly thank you.

I started out canning in Mason jars, to cooking in a stock pot, like a miniature kettle cooker, for many years, and sold my sauces that way. But so many wanted me to produce beyond that, meaning putting it in a jar, and putting it on the shelf for public consumption.

Everett’s Tequila BBQ sauce, is a Grilling, Baking, and Dipping sauce. I always used it for cooking Chicken Wings in the oven and grill, than just expanded to more uses, from the customers I sold it to.

They used it on hamburgers, pulled pork; and so many say it’s the best rib sauce ever, and in fact, I’ve published the Baked Beans recipes here, which came from you, my customers.

– Everett L Williams

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