Everett's Baked Wings Recipe

Tequila BBQ Sauce - Everett's Baked Wings RecipeIngredients

5lb Frozen IQF Chicken Wings
Paste for Wings {2 methods}

1st Method: In a bowl mix well the following ingredients with a whisk!

2 Tbls Butter
1 Tbls Olive Oil
1 Tbls Paprika
1 Tbls Cumin
1 Tbls Garlic Powder
1/2 Tbls Chicken Bouillon
2 Tbls Maple Syrup {Substitute Brown Sugar}

2nd Method: In a bowl mix well the following ingredients with a whisk!

4 Tbls Soy Sauce
1/2 Tbls Brown Sugar,Lemon Juice, Garlic Powder,Cayenne Pepper
1 Tbls fine diced Ginger root, Green Onion,Water


Two Rectangular Cake Pan & Lids
(12 1/4 in.x 8 1/4 In.x1 3/32in.} or Glass Baking Dish

Layer the Chicken in the 2 pans skin side down to start

Using method 1 above take the Chicken piece by piece and rub each piece and put face down and cover with foil.

Using method 2 put Chicken in a Large Zip lock and pour the Soy based paste into the zip lock shake well and put Chicken face down in the Pan cover with foil.

Bake Time

Ovens Vary we use a Convection Oven preheated to 400 degrees

Place the Pan with the covered Wings in the Pre Heated oven for 40 minutes.

Remove Wings from the Oven and uncover and turn over to skin side up

Now spoon a nice portion of everett’s Tequila bbq sauce on each wing

Return the wings back to the Oven and reduce the Oven from 400 to 375 and set timer to 30 Minutes. You must watch the Wings so they don’t BURN usually about 15 minutes for a great desired browning.

These wings are absolutely my Favorite I serve them with extra sauce for dipping along with a side of Celery and Blue Cheese dressing. Simply Delicious

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