Chicken Poppers Recipe

Tequila BBQ Sauce - Chicken Poppers RecipeIngredients:

Chicken breast split

4 pieces thick smoked bacon

In a bowl mix well the following ingredients with a whisk:

2 soft tbls butter
1 tbls olive oil
1/4 cup lemon pepper

Other ingredients
1 1/2 cup Everett’s Tequila BBQ sauce
1 tsp cream cheese for each breast
2 to 5 Jalapeño peppers per breast


Split the chicken breast

Lay each breast on your thick bacon

Rub the paste, or your own seasonings on the breast.

Using a pastry brush, brush on Everett’s Tequila BBQ sauce, lavishly on each breast.

Add 2 to 5 Jalapeño’s to each breast.

Roll them up and use tooth pick for starting.


Use tongs for turning on your grill, stove top or {oven*}

Watch your breast on the grill turning Often so the bacon doesn’t burn. My grill pictured here was hot and about 9 minutes for the 3 of them.

On the stove:

Electric skillet about 3 hundred heat. You still have to turn them and Don’t let the bacon fat accumulate, Just drain as you go. Again about 9 minutes or so, enjoy.

The oven: Large amounts of chicken breast; like a dozen.

Before doing the oven at 325, precook your bacon soft about 1 third done. Now on your cooking sheet, lay the bacon down, then the breast, and add your Everett’s Tequila BBQ Sauce to each breast, along with your cream cheese, and your Jalapeño peppers roll up. Use a toothpick and put in the oven. Watch this and this requires a lot of looking and turning a few times. Most of the time because of the precooking of the bacon, it won’t have a lot of fat on the sheet or drain as you go. Be careful. Hopefully the fat is minimum. Enjoy.

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